The customer dropped this drive, we expected to have to change some internal components.  We tried the drive first on the Deepspar Imager and didn’t expect to get any valuable data without spending money on some donor parts to repair.

Western Digtial Hard Drive WD20EACS

This is the picture from the DDI during the hard drive imaging process, as you can see the white squares is where the imager has detected the area cant be read and skips to the next block. 

Western Digital Hard Imaging on Deepar DDI

This is only the first pass, the beginning of the drive to the end, the second pass goes from the end of the drive to the start and uses various methods to try and read the data that wasn’t read first time around.  A very handy bit of kit.   At some in the process this drive had over 2million unreadable blocks of data.

Western Digital Hard Drive Imaging

As you can see we managed to get this down to 843295, most of this was empty space on the drive so no data loss.Western Digital Hard Imaging on Deepar DDIt

And here is the recovered file list.  This customer was very lucking, usually when a hard drive has an impact internal parts need to be changed, to do this we would need to obtain a drive exactly the same to get the parts off