WD My Passport Data Recovery

wd hard drive recovery

WD My Passport Data Recovery


WD My Passport Data Recovery

Our Edinburgh office received this WD Passport in for data recovery.  Little did we know how much time and effort this drive was going to take.  We knew from the customer that the drive had been dropped.  We had already advised her the that the chances of data recovery would be slim.  The donor drive was in stock so a little time was saved here.  After changing the heads we would normally get a full data recovery done in an afternoon.

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Hard Drive Recovery Service Edinburgh

As you can see this is going to take along time.  The drive did Id and allow access every time its connected.  However the data imaging process is very very slow.  One of the longest data recovery jobs I’ve ever seen.  Data recovery too 7 weeks.

At JT Data Recovery we have the time and dedication to get your data back.  Unlike the big national data recovery companies we will spend time on the more difficult cases if the data required is critical.

We can handle any Western Digital hard drive data recovery case.  From faulty USB3 and USB C cable connection problems to faulty encrypted Smart Ware external drives, we can help.

Smart ware encryption is active in some WD external hard drives.  We can recover your data and bypass the encryption during the drive recovery process with PC 3000.  PC 3000 is the industry leading data recovery hardware and software solution.  Any specialist data recovery company will have at least one of these machines.

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