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Western Digital Data Recovery Edinburgh – WD Data Recovery Edinburgh – WD hard drive recovery Edinburgh

This is a slow responding Western Digital WD20NMVW portable  2.5″ USB 3 Hard Drive dropped in by a customer for Data Recovery.  The drive powers on but has the usual hard drive activity light flashing slowly.  This is common on these Western Digital Drives, especially WD Passport’s, and WD My book’s.  This drive either has a circuit PCB problem or needs a head swap.

Western Digital Data Recovery Edinburgh

Western Digital USB 3 Data Recovery.

WD hard drive recovery

WD Data Recovery Edinburgh

Pictured above you can see the process of converting the drive from a USB 3 drive to a Sata drive.  This gives greater control of the hard drive during the recovery process.

To do this we simply take off the USB circuit board and replace this with the correct Sata circuit board, to make the drive work and ID correctly on our data recovery machine, we need to use PC 3000 to read the data from the USB board and write this to the Sata board.  Next we create a head maps with PC 3000.  This lets us get past the security encryption built into the portable drive.

Once completed we managed to extract the user data from the drive at a much faster speed and take care of the drive encryption on the fly as the drive copied onto a new drive for the customer.

Always remember most Western Digital USB hard drives have Smart-ware encryption.  Should anything happen to the external drive case or the PCB its connected to then you may have a problem getting the data back.

Any specialist data recovery company should be able to handle this for you.  The industry standard Deepspar DDI 4 and PC 3000 data recovery machines which are constantly updated as new drives are released.

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