Toshiba Data Recovery Edinburgh

Toshiba Data Recovery Edinburgh- Portable Hard Drive Recovery Edinburgh

Toshiba Data Recovery Edinburgh

Data Recovery from a Toshiba External Hard Drive in our Edinburgh Based Office.  This is the offending drive.  The Customer reported yet again that the drive was getting very slow when in use.  The first indication of a problem was the customers laptop switched itself off and restarted.  She decided to disconnect the drive and start the laptop.  All was fine.  She then reconnected the hard drive only for it to switch off straight away.

We connected the Toshiba portable drive to our imaging machine to start the data recovery process.  We tried to get the drive to ID.  This took about 30 minutes.  Working through the various setting that we can use to maxmize the chances of a drive to ID.

Portable Hard Drive Recovery Edinburgh

After we got access to the drive you can see its going to take around 12 hours to copy on the first pass.   Only 92% of the drive to go.

Bit Locker Encryption

Bitlocker Hard Drive Recovery Edinburgh

Another complication in this case was the Toshiba drive had Bit-locker encryption on it, fortunately the customer new the password and in the next photo you will see the drive unlock and the file list. External drive recovery with a Bitlocker encrypted drive can sometimes be a problem.  If only a partial data recovery is possible then sometimes the portable hard drive wont unlock.

Entering bitlocker password


File list

External Drive Recovery Edinburgh

And here is a censored file list.

At JT Data Recovery we can help withe any Toshiba data recovery case.  Our policy is to evaluate the drive and give the customer a fixed price for our data recovery service, we are one of the few truly independent data recovery companies in the Edinburgh and Lothian’s.

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