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SSD Data Recovery Edinburgh


SSD Data Recovery Edinburgh. 

This customer had reported his laptop had been running slow.  This shouldn’t be the case as it has a super fast SSD drive inside.   After a few days the laptop could not boot up.  Checking the Bios we found the the drive wasn’t even detected.   After taking the laptop  apart we ran the evaluation tests on the faulty SSD drive. 

As you can see after changing some settings in the DDI machine we managed to get access to the SSD Drive.  We then started to try and copy the contents of the SSD drive. This was a very slow process which took about 3 days to complete.  The good news is it was a full recovery and the customer was delighted with the results.

SSD Data Recovery Specialist

SSD Drives the positive and the negative.

On this positive news we quickly ordered up a replacement Samsung SSD drive for the customer.  This SSD will be fitted and a clean install of Windows 10 installed before I copy over all the data recovered.

Just a few positive notes on SSD drives:

No moving parts inside.

Extends the battery life of your laptop or Macbook

Really can speed up and old laptop, PC or Macbook.

They can usually take an impact or two.


Just a few negative notes on SSD Drive:

They can be very difficult to recover, needing specialist tools like PC 3000 with SSD add on.

Most of the failures are down to the on board controller.

If an SSD fails, you might not get any warning.

SSD drives by their nature do a have an inbuild life span.

At JT Data Recovery we have the tools to help with any SSD related Data Recovery Job.  Our Edinburgh based Lab is one of the few strictly indepenedent data recovery companies in the Edinburgh and Lothain’s area.

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