Seagate ST9250315AS Data Recovery

Seagate ST9250315AS Data Recovery

Seagate ST9250315AS Data Recovery.  Our Seagate Data Recovery Services in Edinburgh at JT Data Recovery.  This drive was dropped in by a customer who had been trying to get her data backed up over a few days.  The Seagate hard drive would be detected by the computer but any attempt to a access any file would cause the computer to lock up and eventually blue screen and crash.  Luckily the customer visited a PC repair shop and was told that they may need to speak to a Data Recovery Specialist.

Seagate Data Recovery Services

As you can see the hard drive is a Seagate Momentus model ST9250315as and capacity is 250gb.

We started by connecting the drive to our Deepsar Imager data recovery machine.  We managed to get the drive to ID and then started to build a head map of the drive.  The next step is to try and take a sector by sector copy of the hard drive.  This is whats happening in the photo below.  As you can see it says that the drive copy will take 6 days.  Fortunately the data recovery was much faster after we got past the first 30% of the drive.

Seagate Data Recovery Services in Edinburgh

The problem with this Seagate drive is fairly common for a drive of this age.  Many many blocks cant be read so the hard drive locks up any computer its connected to.  With our specialist data recovery hardware we can read the drive fairly easily although it can be a time consuming process.

Seagate Data recovery Services

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At JT Data Recovery our data recovery services can deal with data recovery from hard drives, solid state drives, Nas and Raid as well as from Laptops and Apple Macbooks.  We also offer a flash recovery service for Micro SD, SD cards and USB stick and pens.  All recovery work is undertaken from our Edinburgh lab, in person or by post.