Seagate Portable Hard Drive Recovery

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Seagate Portable Hard Drive Recovery

The customer handed in this Seagate portable hard drive for data recovery. This was a rush job as the pictures on the drive needed to be sent for publication the next day.  To her credit she knew something was wrong and she call us first thing.  At JT Data Recovery Edinburgh we ran our Seagate hard drive evaluation.  We  found the external hard drive had weak heads.  On imaging the data we decided to take the risk as the customer needed the data tomorrow first thing if not later the same day.  If we had to source a donor drive for new heads this would take a few days.

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Hard Drive Data Recovery Leith – Edinburgh

Anyway this was one of those jobs that feels great.  The customers world was about to be shattered and potentially lose a lot of money.  This drive was handed in at 10am in the morning.  The customer was able to collect the recovered data around 5:30pm the same day.  Now that’s what I call service.

At Jt Data recovery we take pride in offering an affordable data recovery service for any make and model of hard drive be it portable, external, Nas, Mac or PC.  We have invested heavily over the last few years in the latest technology to be able to offer industry leading success rates in data recovery.  As we are actually based in Edinburgh customer can have a hard drive problem evaluated while they wait, including our fixed price guarantee.  No data no fee.

If you have a Seagate data recovery issue then feel free to pop into our office or give us a call for free advice.  In the long run this could save time and money.

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