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This drive was posted to us after the customer started to format the drive by mistake.   Although he did say he stopped the format after about 30 seconds when he realised his mistake.  This is fairly common, customer manage to format a drive or manage to delete various files from a hard drive.  Some or all of the data can be saved.  This depends on if the drive was used after the formatting or the deletion took place.  At JT Data Recovery we are well equipped to deal with any Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery case as well as any other hard drive problem.

Seagate Data Recovery Edinburgh



Here’s the drive.  We connected the drive to our imager to make a copy of the hard drive before using R Studio software to extract whatever data we could find.

Seagate Expansion Drive

Deepsapr Imager Display

As you can see in the picture this wasn’t just a format mistake.  We have bad sectors (granted not a lot) but an indication that failure of the drive is just around the corner.   This drive should copy at around 80000kbs, its only reaching 56223kbs.

DDI 4 Imager Screen

Seagate Data Recovery Edinburgh – Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery

Only 2 hours to go until the imaging is finished.  We can then work from the copy of the customers drive just in case anything goes wrong.   At the moment we are extracting the customer data using R Studio and will update a file list when complete.

At JT Data Recovery we are data recovery specialists.  We can recover data from any make and model of hard drive or ssd drive.

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