This drive was handed in by an employee of a University after their IT department couldn’t get any data from the drive.  The drive hadn’t been dropped and showed no signs that failure was just around the corner.

Seagate ST500DM3 Data Recovery

After we went through the evaluation process we managed to get access to the drive, but even on the specialist imaging machine we still had a hell of a lot of data not being read correctly.

Seagate ST500 Hard Drive Recovery

seagte hard drive recovery

As you can see we still have over half a million blocks to be read after the first imaging pass.

Hard Drive Seagate data recovery

By the time we get to the 4th pass of the drive you can see the unread blocks,(top right hand corner of the pic is 0), 100 % recovered. One Seagate Barracuda ST500WM3 recovered in full.