SD Card Recovery Edinburgh

SD Card Data Recovery can mean many things to many people. At JT Data Recovery we have a specialist SD Card Data Recovery Service based in Edinburgh. We have the hardware and software tools as well as the training to be able to minimize data loss and maximize the chances of a successful data recovery from your SD Card or Micro SD Card. The first rule of data recovery is cause no further damage.  We also have a data recovery service for Hard Drives, SSD Drives, Portable and External Hard Drives as well as Iphone and Ipad data recovery services.  0131 235 2486

SD Card Recovery edinburgh

SD Card Data Recovery Services

Our SD Card Data Recovery services can help with the following: data loss, data corruption for SD Cards from Camera’s, Phone’s, and almost any device using SD or Micro SD Cards. we can also recover data from most other types of memory cards, call 0131 235 2486 and ask for John for details.

  • Is your SD Card asking to be formatted, this can usually be recovered in full?
  • Have you come hack from holiday expecting to see your holiday photos and you cant find them or they have disappeared?
  • Have you accidentally deleted your data or formatted the media?
  • has your SD Card been subject to a liquid spill, sand from the beach or has been physically damaged?

This is just a small selection of the problems we see on an almost daily basis. At JT Data Recovery you are in good and trustworthy hands. We will do our utmost to get your data back while keeping an eye on the costs.

SD Card Recovery Edinburgh

Data Recovery Service in Edinburgh

At JT Data Recovery we operate on a completely transparent basis. This means we don’t charge any upfront fee to see if your data is recoverable. We perform the initial evaluation of your data recovery case free of charge. We when quote a fixed cost for each customers data recovery case.

No Data No Fee Data Recovery Edinburgh

If JT Data Recovery cant recover your memory card data then we wont charge a thing. No gimmicks, no small print and no catches. That’s the JT Data Recovery promise. Our Edinburgh based lab offers:

  • Free evaluation of your data recovery case.
  • A fixed cost for SD Card and memory card data recovery.
  • The fixed cost is what the customer will pay but only for a successful recovery.
  • If your data cant be recovered we wont charge you a penny.

SD Card Data Recovery in edinburgh

Edinburgh Data Recovery Costs

SD Card and the recovery of memory cards fall in to two price levels:

Level 1 recovery is a fixed cost of £69, this is our most common recovery. Most cases of SD card failure would be covered by this.

Level 2 recovery is a fixed cost yet again. This is as specialist as data recovery gets. This would be a fixed cost of £250.

As always we only charge for recovered data, and the likelihood of recovery will be discussed with you before hand.

Fixed Cost Data Recovery in Edinburgh FAQ’s

Q. How long will my memory card data recovery case take.

A. level 1 recovery is usually same day or next day. level 2 recovery is usually 5-7 days.

Q. How much will it cost?

A. Level 1 £69 and level 2 £250.

Q. I have formatted my SD Card, can the data still be recovered?

A. Yes, we have a high success rate with formatted media. Stop using the card straight away.

Q. I have deleted my SD card data, can the data still be recovered?

A. Yes, we have a high success rate with deleted data. Stop using the card straight away.

Q. My SD roasting hot, can you help?

A. This is usually an indicator of badly damaged media, we would need to check this out and see if data recovery is possible.

Q. I live outside Edinburgh, can I post my SD Card to you for data recovery?

A. Yes. our postal address is below for your attention.

Pop in and see us at our Edinburgh lab, for truly independent and above all honest data recovery, free quotes, fixed prices and the JT Data Recovery promise of No Data No Fee. Customers can also post media for data recovery to us at the following address.

JT Data Recovery

14B Elgin Terrace




0131 235 2486

Call us 24/7 on 0131 235 2486 or chat with us live on our website, you can also leave us a message so we can get back to you.