Samsung Data Recovery Edinburgh

Samsung Data Recovery Edinburgh


Samsung Data Recovery Edinburgh

A customer dropped this drive off at our Edinburgh office, a Samsung hard drive for data recovery.  He assured me this hadn’t been dropped and I believed him.  We started to work on the drive.  The drive had no power no nothing.  It was totally dead.  This model of Samsung Hard Drive does suffer from a common problem call stiction.  This is when the head gets stuck on the hard drive platter.  The most common way to tell this, is the drive would power on and try to start and then beep a few time and switch off.  I think this is whats happen in this case.


samsung hard drive recovery edinburgh

Data Recovery Edinburgh

As you can see, we have a destination drive but the customers drive should be the source, nothing has appeared.  Investigation required.


More testing of the Samsung Hard Drive before coming to a the fact the heads will need to be swapped over before data recovery can begin.

IMG_2555002edinburgh data recovery

Inside the hard drive we found the heads had stuck as we thought.  We did have a donor drive in stock.  We then stripped the donor drive and changed the heads over.  After eventually getting the drive to ID we imaged it on the DDI.  The picture above is the customers drive with the stuck heads and the recovered files list on the right.

The Samsung / Seagate ST series of hard drive do have a reputation for this kind of drive issue.  Best avoided if you can.

Anyway at JT Data Recovery in Edinburgh we have seen many similar cases of stiction with Samsung Drives needing Data Recovery, our Edinburgh lab is fully equipped to deal with them.

If you have a similar issue, Samsung Data Recovery or any other hard drive model please get in contact for the best advice to keep your data safe.

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