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Pro Data Recovery Edinburgh.  This is a drive dropped in yesterday for evaluation.  Apparently the customers father thought he could help so decided to open the drive and try to fix it.  As you can see the dust and finger prints have wrecked any chance of getting data from it. Dust and finger prints wreck hard drives.  Thats not to mention someone playing with the head assembly stack and powering on the drive with the top cover off.

Free Evaluation – At JT Data Recovery we offer a free evaluation on any drive to ensure if you need hard drive data recovery you will stand a good chance of getting your data back,  in person or by posting the drive to us.

This is to avoid an ancident like this where the customer has many years of University work for her course on this drive.  Her father was only trying to help but without knowing has rendered the hard drive a paper weight.

Please seek advice before trying to recover hard drive data.  If in doubt please give us a call and ask for John.

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