ADATA SSD Data Recovery in Edinburgh

A failed ADATA SSD for data recovery at JT Data Recovery.  This was originally the SSD drive inside an Asus laptop being used for business use.  The customer reported no problems what so ever.  So he was very surprised when one day the SSD drive just wasn’t seen by the laptop anymore.

As you can see in the following pictures, we took out the Solid State Drive and removed the casing for a further look.  SSD Data Recovery is drastically different from Hard Drive Data recovery.  The SSD drive wound not ID on our Deepspar or PC 3000 SSD machine.  The most likely reason is either controller failure or a corrupt firmware.

SSD Data Recovery Edinburgh

When an SSD Drive fails most of the time the customer will not get any warning.  They tend to fall off a cliff, so to speak.  If a PC or laptop is started a few times with a faulty SSD drive then the recovery rates can drop from around 90% to around 30%.

As was the case with this ADATA SSD drive.  We tried every option possible to recover the customers data by to no avail.

SSD Data Recovery Edinburgh

Specialist Hard Drive and SSD Data Recovery in Edinburgh

At JT Data Recovery, we have access to all the hardware possible.  We are Data Recovery Specialists.  But in this case that wasn’t enough.  Who knows what tests had been run on the Solid State Drive before we saw it.  Fortunately a failed recovery doesn’t happen that often but it is something to be prepared for when assessing SSD drives for data recovery.

If you have a data recovery need then seek professional advice first.

For Data Recovery Services in Edinburgh, contact us today 0131 235 2486 24 hours day, for your free drive evaluation and fixed price data recovery quote.  This is backed up by our no data no fee policy.


Seagate ST9250315AS Data Recovery

Seagate ST9250315AS Data Recovery.  Our Seagate Data Recovery Services in Edinburgh at JT Data Recovery.  This drive was dropped in by a customer who had been trying to get her data backed up over a few days.  The Seagate hard drive would be detected by the computer but any attempt to a access any file would cause the computer to lock up and eventually blue screen and crash.  Luckily the customer visited a PC repair shop and was told that they may need to speak to a Data Recovery Specialist.

Seagate Data Recovery Services

As you can see the hard drive is a Seagate Momentus model ST9250315as and capacity is 250gb.

We started by connecting the drive to our Deepsar Imager data recovery machine.  We managed to get the drive to ID and then started to build a head map of the drive.  The next step is to try and take a sector by sector copy of the hard drive.  This is whats happening in the photo below.  As you can see it says that the drive copy will take 6 days.  Fortunately the data recovery was much faster after we got past the first 30% of the drive.

Seagate Data Recovery Services in Edinburgh

The problem with this Seagate drive is fairly common for a drive of this age.  Many many blocks cant be read so the hard drive locks up any computer its connected to.  With our specialist data recovery hardware we can read the drive fairly easily although it can be a time consuming process.

Seagate Data recovery Services

For help with any data recovery case then please contact us 0131 235 2486 24 hours a day.

At JT Data Recovery our data recovery services can deal with data recovery from hard drives, solid state drives, Nas and Raid as well as from Laptops and Apple Macbooks.  We also offer a flash recovery service for Micro SD, SD cards and USB stick and pens.  All recovery work is undertaken from our Edinburgh lab, in person or by post.





Hard Drive Data Recovery Edinburgh

Hard Drive Data Recovery at JT Data Recovery PC and Mac.  We received this HGST Hard Drive this morning.  Another company had looked at the drive but either couldn’t get the user data or quoted to much for the Apple data recovery.  This is what we found.  When the drive which is from an Apple Mac book was running the Mac book would fail to boot.

First we connected the drive to the DDI hard drive recovery machine.  This is designed to get good data off a failing hard drive.  First we see if the drive is being detected on the DDI machine.  It is, listed as an Apple HGST drive.  This is good and confirms the drive is from an Apple Mac book.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Apple Mac Data Recovery

We then select the hard drive manufacturer brand.  This starts the Mac Data recovery.

Apple Mac Data recovery

Starting to build a head map of the Apple Hard Drive for Data Recovery.

Apple Data recovery

After this we start the image of the hard drive.  Ie copy it sector for sector.

MAcbook data recovery

In hard drive data recovery, green is good.  Yellow is not so good and red is really bad.  That’s all we need to know.  The top right hand corner tells us how many blocks have not been read.  At the bottom left we have 1 Master Boot Record, H2 is the head that’s been read at the moment.  LBA and the percentage lets us know roughly how far through the process we are.  Pass 1 is just the start.  If the drive is really bad the machine has a map of what data has been read and what hasn’t.  On the 2nd pass on wards the machine gets more aggressive in trying to get the data.

We shall wait the 2 hours the DDI machine is suggesting and see if we get a full recovery of the hard drive.

Success, 19% and 20 minutes to go.

Data Recovery Service Edinburgh

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USB Stick Data Recovery Edinburgh

USB Stick Data Recovery

Our Specialist USB stick/pen data recovery service in Edinburgh is designed to offer professional data recovery at reasonable cost.  At JT Data Recovery we are USB stick data recovery specialists base in Leith, Edinburgh.  We aim to get your data back for you asap.  We have invested heavily in the latest technology to allow us to offer industry leading data recovery rates.  Be it Hard Drive, External Hard Drive, SSD, SD card, Micro SD card or USB flash media we can help.

If your USB stick or USB storage pen is not being detected or is prompting to be formatted then please call us for advice first.  Our USB pen data recovery covers any make and model of USB pen.  From not being detected once connected or prompting to format the USB stick.  We can also repair physical damage should the USB stick have been dropped, broken or damage in some other way.

Specialist USB Data Recovery in Edinburgh

USB Pen Data Recovery Edinburgh

Data Recovery Services Edinburgh

Our data recover service in Edinburgh is fully independent. We are a data recovery company specializing in recovering data from the following devices for home or businesses in the Edinburgh and surrounding areas.

Hard Disk, External Hard Drive, SSD Drives, Hard Drives, Including NAS Hard Drives and Raid Hard Drives. we can also offer step by step advice to prevent data loss in the future. The data recovery process has many steps but customers are kept up to date at all times. Recovering data in a fast and manner is our aim.

Edinburgh Data Recovery

USB Stick Data Recovery Edinburgh

At JT Data Recovery we are an independent data recovery company, our services are provided as a fixed cost service.  Once we have the media to be recovered we offer the customer a fixed price for data recovery.  The customer then decides if they would like to go ahead.  If the customer decides to go ahead then the customer pays the fixed price quoted, only if the recovery is successful.  We operate a strict no data no fee policy.  If this doesn’t apply to your data recovery case then you will be informed at the evaluation stage of the process.

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All our data recovery services come with a free, fixed cost for any recovery and a no data no fee policy.

Call us today for a fast and professional data recovery service and above all free advice.  Seeking professional advice can save time and money in the long run.  Don’t take chances if you really need your data recovered.  We are available on 0131 235 2486 or live chat with us on our website.

USB Data Recovery Edinburgh

USB Data Recovery Edinburgh, Nand Data Recovery, SSD Data Recovery.  At JT Data Recovery we are specialist in Data Recovery in Edinburgh.  Data Recovery from the following media.

Internal and external hard drive Data Recovery.

USB Portable Hard Drive Data Recovery.

SSD Data Recovery,  M2 SSD’s and Apple Mac SSD Data Recovery.

SD Card and Compact Flash media Data Recovery in mobile phones and tablets.

At JT Data Recovery In Edinburgh  we have advanced hardware, software, training offering full Data Recovery Services in Edinburgh.  From a clicking or dead hard drive to Data Recovery from an Apple Iphone or tablet.  Yes we can recover your precious holiday photos.

USB Data Recovery Edinburgh



Nand Data Recovery Edinburgh.

Our specialist Nand Data Recovery service.  This gives us the ability to removed faulty storage chips from SSD’s, mobile phones and tablets.  We can then read data directly from the data chips.  This is commonly known as Nand Data Recovery and is about as advanced as it gets.   If our hardware/software solutions cant get your data back then the last option would be the Nand Data Recovery.

Nand Data Recovery Edinburgh

SSD Data Recovery

SSD Data Recovery Edinburgh

As always at JT Data Recovery we offer a free initial valuation with any recovery case.  This lets us get an idea of the failure and the cost to get your data back.  The customer only pays us on recovery of the data.  Strictly no data no fee.

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Choose our trusted services for Hard Drive, SSD, SD Card, Phone and Tablet Data Recovery in Edinburgh.  We are truly independent offering free evaluation, fixed cost data recovery with a strict no data no fee policy.




 Data Recovery Edinburgh – Seagate Data Recovery Edinburgh – JT Data Recovery

This drive was posted to us after the customer started to format the drive by mistake.   Although he did say he stopped the format after about 30 seconds when he realised his mistake.  This is fairly common, customer manage to format a drive or manage to delete various files from a hard drive.  Some or all of the data can be saved.  This depends on if the drive was used after the formatting or the deletion took place.  At JT Data Recovery we are well equipped to deal with any Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery case as well as any other hard drive problem.

Seagate Data Recovery Edinburgh



Here’s the drive.  We connected the drive to our imager to make a copy of the hard drive before using R Studio software to extract whatever data we could find.

Seagate Expansion Drive

Deepsapr Imager Display

As you can see in the picture this wasn’t just a format mistake.  We have bad sectors (granted not a lot) but an indication that failure of the drive is just around the corner.   This drive should copy at around 80000kbs, its only reaching 56223kbs.

DDI 4 Imager Screen

Seagate Data Recovery Edinburgh – Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery

Only 2 hours to go until the imaging is finished.  We can then work from the copy of the customers drive just in case anything goes wrong.   At the moment we are extracting the customer data using R Studio and will update a file list when complete.

At JT Data Recovery we are data recovery specialists.  We can recover data from any make and model of hard drive or ssd drive.

Contact us for a free fixed price data recovery quote in the Edinburgh and Lothian’s area on 0131 235 2468.  We offer a free evaluation for Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery.


Data Recovery Edinburgh

Data Recovery Service

Hard Drive Recovery Edinburgh. This hard drive was removed from an HP laptop.  This was a time critical data recovery case. The laptop would take about 5 to 10 minutes to load to the desktop.  The business customer knew something was wrong.  On further investigation by a technician we found that head 1 of the drive was running at half the speed it should have been.  You can find this fault on any make of hard drives.  The laptop may have been running hot for a period of time. This then leads to a damaged hard drive or ssd and the customer comes to us for file recovery.

We started the data recovery process from the damaged drive.

Data Recovery Edinburgh

Data Recovery Services Edinburgh

The Seagate Barracuda 1TB Slim hard Drive, ST1000lM048.  Must admit I am beginning to hate any external hard drive made by Seagate.

Seagate Barracuda St1000lm048 hard drive

Hard Drive Recovery Service Edinburgh

Above you can see the reported head speeds in mbs.  Head 0 and Head 1 should be running around the 88mbs.  As you can see head 0 looks ok but head 1 is causing problems.  We are imaging the drive using Deepspar DDI 4.  DDI 4 reads all the good data on the first pass.  On the 2nd,3rd and 4th it tries to get the unreadable data.  Later on the imager will go back and try to read the unreadable data again.


Seagate Barracuda Data Recovery

Edinburgh Data Recovery

Around 51 minutes to go and we will have a 100% Recovery for our client.  The customer can check the data that has been recovered as well,  just to make sure all is good. Although from experience this one looks like a success.

Data Recovery Services Edinburgh

We recover data from USB hard drives, Solid State Drives, Nas and Raid Hard Drives as well.

At JT Data Recovery, we offer Professional Data Recovery.  Please visit our FAQ’s for more info on the services we provide in the Edinburgh and Lothian’s. We offer a no data no fee policy for home and business customers. Our Data Recovery Services cover any Hard Drive, SSD, Laptop, Apple Mac or Apple Macbook Pro.

If you have a Seagate hard drive issue, and need support then please call first for advice on keeping your data as safe as possible.  A quick chat on the phone or an email can save time and money in the long run. We have years of experience providing an excellent service for any data recovery case.

The rules of data recovery are:

cause no further data damage and maximize the chances of getting good data back.

Contact Us. Call us phone 0131 235 2486 Ask for John. Our phone is manned 24 hours a day to help with your data issues.  Customers can also chat using our online chat.

Western Digital Data Recovery Edinburgh – WD Data Recovery Edinburgh – WD hard drive recovery Edinburgh

This is a slow responding Western Digital WD20NMVW portable  2.5″ USB 3 Hard Drive dropped in by a customer for Data Recovery.  The drive powers on but has the usual hard drive activity light flashing slowly.  This is common on these Western Digital Drives, especially WD Passport’s, and WD My book’s.  This drive either has a circuit PCB problem or needs a head swap.

Western Digital Data Recovery Edinburgh

Western Digital USB 3 Data Recovery.

WD hard drive recovery

WD Data Recovery Edinburgh

Pictured above you can see the process of converting the drive from a USB 3 drive to a Sata drive.  This gives greater control of the hard drive during the recovery process.

To do this we simply take off the USB circuit board and replace this with the correct Sata circuit board, to make the drive work and ID correctly on our data recovery machine, we need to use PC 3000 to read the data from the USB board and write this to the Sata board.  Next we create a head maps with PC 3000.  This lets us get past the security encryption built into the portable drive.

Once completed we managed to extract the user data from the drive at a much faster speed and take care of the drive encryption on the fly as the drive copied onto a new drive for the customer.

Always remember most Western Digital USB hard drives have Smart-ware encryption.  Should anything happen to the external drive case or the PCB its connected to then you may have a problem getting the data back.

Any specialist data recovery company should be able to handle this for you.  The industry standard Deepspar DDI 4 and PC 3000 data recovery machines which are constantly updated as new drives are released.

JT Data Recovery – well equipped to deal with any data recovery loss in the Edinburgh and Lothian’s area.

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 WD Passport Data Recovery – WD My Book & My Cloud Data Recovery in Edinburgh

WD Passport Data Recovery

This is a WD Passport portable hard drive in for data recovery.   The customer was complaining that the drive when powered on just did nothing.  The drive would spin up as expected but the hard drive access light would just flash every few seconds.   We had no access to the data stored on the hard drive.  In this case we have two options.

1. Connect the drive to our DDi 4 data imager and try to get a copy of the drive.  This is the cheapest option but not the fastest one as the imager does allow connection of drives by USB With faulty Western Digital Drives the access speed can be very slow.

2. Obtain the correct circuit board that would match this drive and replace the USB Circuit board with a Sata version.   From there we would transfer the Rom chip from the faulty drive to the replacement circuit board and have access to the drive by a Sata connection. This is faster and gives us greater scope for managing the data recovery process.  This would be the more expensive option.

With option 2 we would also need to image the drive using PC 3000 as this has the ability to unencrypt encrypted Western Digital Hard drives on the fly whilst imaging.


WD Passport Data Recovery

Western Digital Data Recovery in Edinburgh

As you can see half way through the image process we have over a million blocks of data still to be read.  We took the chance that the drive had a lot of free space so if blocks could not be read then hopefully these blocks would apply to parts of the drive that had no data on it anyway.

WD 5000 hard drive imaging

Fourth and final pass of the imager.   You can see how slow the imaging with Head 0, 1, 2 and 3 running at anything from 5mbs to 1mbs.  On a good drive this would normally be around 88mbs.  The unread blocks came to 179000 ish which on reviewing the data it was all good.  The cheaper and longer option worked for us and the customer.  Another WD Passport, another data recovery completed.

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Seagate Data Recovery Specialist

Seagate Data Recovery in Edinburgh. This drive was handed in by an employee of a University after their IT department couldn’t get any data from the drive.  The drive hadn’t had an impact.   It showed no signs that failure was just around the corner.  At JT we are a Seagate Data Recovery Specialists.  The concern was if the window of opportunity may have been missed.  If a hard drive has a hardware issue then running the drive on software to extract data usually ends in disaster.

Seagate Data Recovery Specialist

Data Recovery Services

After the evaluation process we managed to get access to the drive.  But even on the specialist imaging machine we still had a hell of a lot of data not being read correctly.  Fortunately his drive is a DM2 and not the dreaded Seagate DM1.  The DM1 has a very high failure rate and can be expensive to recover the data from.  Donor drives can be expensive because even the good ones fail earlier than expected.

Data Recovery Services

seagte hard drive recovery

Still have over 500000 blocks to be read after the first imaging pass.  This sounds really bad but we have had over a million on a few drives.

Hard Drive Seagate data recovery

By the time we get to the 4th pass of the drive you can see the unread blocks,(top right hand corner of the pic is 0), 100 % recovered. One Seagate Barracuda ST500WM3 recovered in full.  Seagate Data Recovery Specialist in Edinburgh.

At JT Data Recovery we offer a free fixed price data recovery quote from our office based in Leith in Edinburgh.  The customer knows how much recovery will cost before we commence any work.  The quoted price will not change.  If we cant recovery your data then we don’t charge a penny.  Guaranteed, no catches and no small print.

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