Customer popped in with this Mac after visiting the Apple Store.  They thought that the hard drive was faulty.  As Apple don’t provide a data recovery service they suggested the customer to get in touch with us.  Luckily this drive was in the early stages of failure and was a fairly straight forward data recovery for us.

Apple hard drive data recovery

The usual HGST hard drive inside a Mac Book of this vintage, only about 500gb.  Not seen by the Mac book operating system.

HGSt hard drive recovery

This machine is a Deepsar Imager, the machine is designed to get data off drives which are in the process of failing before they fail permanently.  In this case it did its job perfectly.

DDI Imager of mac hard drive

As you can see we have a full image of the faulty hard drive, next we will strip and clean the Mac book and fit  500gb SSD drive to speed up the Mac, then copy over the customers recovered data.   Good as new and much faster than it was.


Hard Drive Maxtor 3.5"

Customer connected this Maxtor Hard Drive Drive to the wrong power supply and only noticed when he could smell burning.  We see a lot of hard drives with this problem needing data recovery.  Its very easily done.  This was a very old drive and our initial concern was that the head assembly stack may have been damaged.  In this case the customer was very lucky.

Hard Drive Damaged Circuit Board

You may need to enlarge the image but you can clearly see the damaged component on the circuit board of the hard drive.

Hard Drive PCB Repair

This image may be a little clearer.

Maxtor DDI hard drive detection

After the circuit board was removed we managed to replace the damaged components from a donor drive.  As you can see from the image the hard drive is now switching on as previously it was powerless.

Hard Drive DDI Imaging

As the drive had been damaged its also best practice to take a copy of the drive as we did in this picture, as a damaged / repaired drive can be unpredictable.  The first rule of data recovery is not to cause any further damage.

Hard Drive Data copy Complete

At last the drive copy has completed and we can now start to check the customers data to make sure its all intact. After the customer has checked the data recovery we can then copy the user data to his own hard drive.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Edinburgh

Hard Drive Data Recovery Edinburgh

This is a drive dropped in yesterday for evaluation.  Apparently the customers father thought he could help so decided to open the drive and try to fix it.  As you can see the dust and finger prints have wrecked any chance of getting data from it.  We offer a free evaluation on any drive to ensure if you need hard drive data recovery you will stand a good chance of getting your data back,  in person or by posting the drive to us.

This is a drive that the customer had been having problems with, without warning the drive would suddenly stop responding and crash any computer or laptop it was connected to.

Toshiba Hard Drive Data Recovery

As you can see from the photo we have only copied 8% of the drive and we have 66480 unread block(top right hand corner) with 92% of the drive still  to go.

Encrypted Hard Drive Recovery

An added complication in this case was the the drive had Bit-locker encryption on it, fortunately the customer new the password and in the next photo you will see the drive unlock and the file list.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Edinburgh

After the password was entered you can see the file list below.

Data Recovery Specialist Edinburgh

Data Recovery Specialist Edinburgh

external hard drive recovery edinburgh

external hard drive recovery edinburgh

Another one for Monday morning, the dreaded I’ve formatted my drive. Looks like a drive fit for R studio.

Data Recovery Services Edinburgh

Data Recovery Services Edinburgh

Got this drive by post this morning so will be the first drive to be looked at on Monday Morning. Its a 3TB Seagate NAS Drive ST3000VN000. This was recording data in a CCTV unit and just stopped working. On a quick check the drive doesn’t even power on.

The customer had been having problems accessing this drive for a few days, fortunatley she decided to seek advice before taking things any further, we managed to identify the issue causing the problem and managed to get the data copied to new drive so the customer could collect the same day.  Photos on the drive had been required for an article in a gardening magazine.


SSD Data Recovery In Edinburgh

Had this laptop in with an unreadable SSD, as you can see over 1 million unread blocks, upon finishing pass 4 we got this down to 6245.


WD5000BMVV data recovery

This is a drive we have been working on, the customer reported the drive would stop responding whenever he accessed certain files. We have used our DDI Recovery Machine to Image the Required files but in the end managed to get all the data required for him. This was for a University In Edinburgh.
The first picture is the faulty drive and the second is the drive ready to be posted back to the Customer.

Western Digital Hard Drive Recovery Edinburgh

We have had this drive in for a while now. Think is must be approaching 7 weeks. As you can see the drive is stable but very very slow. Quite common on Western Digital Drives. The customer is happy to wait but as you can see we still have a way to go.