Maxtor Data Recovery Edinburgh

Maxtor Data Recovery Edinburgh

Another one for Monday morning, the dreaded I’ve formatted my drive. Looks like a drive fit for R studio. The customer called us needing data recovery for this Maxtor portable hard drive but she wasn’t based in Edinburgh.  She had managed to format the drive by accident.  Lucky for her a friend was on hand to be able to drop the Maxtor portable drive into us at the office.

Maxtor Data Recovery Edinburgh

Maxtor Hard Drive Recovery

The first thing to do with a formatted drive is to take a forensic copy of this Maxtor external Hard Drive.  We then work from the copy of the customers original drive.  Should anything go wrong during the data recovery process then we can still refer back to the original customers drive.  First rule of data recovery is cause no further damage.

Once we have a copy of the customers drive we then use a program called R Studio to search for any partition that has ever been on the drive.  If we find the partition then we can try to extract the user data from it.  If no partition is found then the only option is to use R Studio to scan the whole drive for Raw data.  On this data recovery job we found a partition and the customer only lost a small amount of data.  The file structure and folder names of the files has been maintained.  This is good as a Raw recovery may have weird and wonderful file names which makes it difficult for the customer to identify usable data.

At JT Data Recovery we are data recovery Specialists based in Edinburgh.  One of the few truly independent Data Recovery Companies where all the work is performed at our Edinburgh office.  We do not outsource any of our data recovery jobs.

Our customers security and piece of mind are priceless.

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