M1 Macbook Data Recovery Edinburgh

At JT Data Recovery we have seen an increase in customer enquiries regarding the new M1 series Apple Macbook Pro and the M1 series of M1 Apple Macbook Air.  When you purchased your Apple Macbook it should really come with a warning.  If for any reason your Apple Macbook M1 series wont power on and you dont have a time machine backup then you have almost lost your data.  Thats not to foget the Solid State Drive on these models is soldered to the motherboard and like any Solid State Drive, they do have a life span.  As tech improves the life span of Solid State Drives is getting better but, better safe than sorry.

At JT Data Recovery we are seeing a number of common issues with M1 Mac’s, the most common being the Macbook will simply not power on for a number of reasons, some are hardware issues and others are cause by customer abuse of the Macbook.  So far we are not impressed with the build quality and lifespan of the M1 Series Macs to date.

Apple Mac Logic Board Repairs Edinburgh

In a nutshell at the time of writing if you cant get your data off your Apple Mac using Disk-Mode then you have a problem.  The only way to try and get the data recovered from your Mac is by sorting the problem with the Mac.  At JT Data Recovery we offer a full diagnosis and repair for any issues affecting an M1 Macbook Air or M1 Macbook Pro.  Even if you Mac is under the Apple warranty, Apple will replace the Logic board with ne regard for your data.  At JT Data Recovery we offer a full Logic board repair service that will hopefully allow us to recover your data and as a bonus hopefully you will have a fully functioning Apple Macbook as well.

M1 Mackook Data Recovery Edinburgh – Common problems with the Apple Macbook M1 Series

The most common problem with the Apple Macbook M1 Series are that the Macbook simply wont power on.  Talking to customers that have experienced this issues they all report the same thing, nothing our of the ordinary had happened leading up to the problem.  No clue or indication at all.

If your Apple Macbook M1 wont power on then our logic board repair service based in Edinburgh can help.  We have invested heavily in the latest equipment to allow us to successfully repair your Apple Logic board and get your data back, as an added bonus your Apple Mac will be as good as new as well.