Iphone Data Recovery Edinburgh

Iphone Data Recovery Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s Iphone Data Recovery Specialist

Iphone data recovery services in Edinburgh. At JT Data Recovery we are Apple Iphone data recovery specialists. We can help recover your valuable user data from almost any electronic device Including:

  • Internal hard drives, Hard disk
  • External Hard Drive and Portable external hard drives
  • Network attached storage (Nas Drives)
  • USB sticks and pen recovery
  • SSD drives, M2, Sata and PCIe versions
  • Apple Mac data recovery
  • Laptop data recovery
  • Iphone data recovery
  • Ipad data recovery
  • Camera and SD card data recovery services

Iphone Data Recovery Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Based Data Recovery Service

JT Data Recovery provide an excellent service, quality of workmanship and our integrity guarantee to all our data recovery customers.

  • All data recovery cases are assessed for data recovery viability free of charge.
  • The customer will receive a free fixed cost offer for their particular phone data recovery case.
  • Option 1 is to go ahead with the fixed cost phone data recovery, option 2 is to decline and collect your phone without any charge.
  • At JT Data Recovery it wont cost you a penny to find out if your data is recoverable.
  • We only charge for successful data recovery cases.
  • We also provide and Ipad data recovery service.

Liquid Spills And Apple Mobile Phone Data Recovery Edinburgh

Liquid Spill Iphone repair and data recovery is an every day occurrence for us.  When your Apple device has stopped working then our specialist data recovery services can help.  Maximizing the chances of getting your data back.  We have many ways of being able to get your data back whilst keeping in mind to minimize the risk of data loss along the way. This may be a temporary repair to extract your data or it may be a chip off data recovery in which the data chip storing your data is removed and read directly.

Damaged Iphone Data Recovery Edinburgh

At JT Data Recovery we are experts at repairing dropped and damaged Iphone’s.  Being able to find a repair which allows access to your data takes time and years of experience.  If repair recovery is not possible then we can use our expert chip off data recovery.  This is hardware, software specialist techniques to maximize the chances of a successful data recovery.

Iphone Data Recovery Edinburgh

Data Recovery Service For Iphone’s in Edinburgh FAQ’s

Q. How much is the Iphone data recovery service?

A. Most liquid spill or damaged Iphone’s can be recovered for around £100 to £150, as always our free evaluation and free offer of a fixed cost recovery applies.

Q. How How long does phone data recovery take?

A. Ideally a timescale would be 2 -3 days, in more complex chip off recoveries this would be around 7 – 10 days.

Q. How will you recovery my data from my Apple mobile?

A. We have years of experience repairing dropped, damaged and liquid spill Iphone’s. We would normally repair screen, and logic board problems to gain access to your data. If this is not possible then we would revert to a chip off data recovery, this is more expensive so naturally we try to repair first.

Q. Do I have any warranty on the recovered data?

A. Yes. All recovered data can be checked by the customer first.  This is before the customer makes the final payment.  Only when the customer is happy with the data will we ask for payment to be made.

Q. Do you offer chip off, Nand Data Recovery Services?

A. Yes we do. Chip off data recovery is when the data chips on the mobile phone logic board are physically removed. The chips are then cleaned and the raw data is then read using specialized equipment. This is then reassembled after dealing with any compression or encryption that has been activated. This is the most expensive data recovery service so is a last resort if the repair cant be completed satisfactorily. Chip off data recovery usually costs £299.

Unsure, have questions?  Call us 0131 235 2486 and ask for John or chat with us live on our website.

Edinburgh Data Recovery For Apple Mobile Phones

JT Data Recovery, Edinburgh’s only free evaluation, fixed price data recovery service with a no data no fee promise.

JT Data Recovery Location and Contact Details

Customers can pop in to our Edinburgh lab in person during our opening hours. We can also accept mobile phones for data recovery by post or courier from all over Scotland.  Please place your device safely and securely in a padded envelope or box and include your full return postal address and contact details along with package to:

JT Data Recovery

14B Elgin Terrace




0131 235 2486

Please use the Royal Mail Special Delivery next day before 1pm.   To data we have never lost a mobile phone sent to us for data recovery.

JT Data Recovery can be contacted 24/7 on 0131 235 2486, ask for John.  Customers can also chat with us live directly from our website using our Live Chat app or leave us a message so we can contact you.