Ipad Data Recovery Edinburgh

Specialist Ipad Data Recovery Services in Edinburgh. At JT Data Recovery we can help recover your Ipad data when its been damaged, dropped or been subjected to a liquid spill. If your Ipad is not worth fixing and its just the data you need then JT Data Recovery is the company to talk to.  We also have an Iphone Data Recovery Service.  need to chart to us call 0131 235 2486.

ipad data recovery edinburgh

Specialist Ipad Data Recovery in Edinburgh

Our specialist Ipad data recovery services operate on a level 1 and 2 basis.

  • Level one repair is to enable the temporary repair of your Apple Ipad to be able to get the user data recovered. This is the cheapest option for your data recovery. This is usually priced at £100 to £150. This would involve fitting donor parts to your Ipad or repairing the logic board to be able to access your data. With a level one repair no permanent repair to your Ipad will be made and more than likely your Ipad wont be working on its return to you.
  • Level two repair is to remove the logic board from your Ipad and use specialist data recovery tools to read the data chips directly and enable a success recovery. This is the most expensive option at £299. This is the so called “Chip Of Data Recovery” or “Nand Data Recovery” as its referred to.

ipad data recovery edinburgh

Apple Data Recovery in Leith, Edinburgh

Our Apple data recovery services can help in the following situations, if your Apple device has:-

  • Been dropped and suffered extensive damage which cant be repaired by the Apple store
  • Had liquid, water damage, beer wine or spirits spilt over it
  • No power, totally dead and wont switch on or boot at all
  • Been stood on or run over(yes we see a few Ipad’s that have been run over)

Edinburgh Data Recovery For Ipad

Whatever the circumstances, if you need your Ipad data recovered then JT Data Recovery are the Data Recovery Company to choose. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Free evaluation of your Apple Ipad device. A free assessment of your device to see if data recovery is a viable option.
  • If data recovery is a viable option then a fixed cost will be quoted for this recovery, this is the cost the customer will need to pay on completion of a successful recovery case.
  • When no data is recoverable then the customer pays nothing
  • If the customer chooses not to go ahead with data recovery then the customer pays nothing.
  • All recovered data can be check by the customer before making the final payment.
  • JT Data Recovery are please to offer you support and free advice regarding your Ipad data recovery.

apple data recovery edinburgh

Data Recovery Service FAQ’s

Q. How much will my Ipad Recovery cost?

A. This will either be a level 1 or level 2 recovery priced at £100-£150 or level 2 at £299.

Q. How long will my recovery case take?

A. This depends on the problem, level 1 is usually up to 3 days, level 2 recovery would be 7-10 days.

Q. Where are you located? Ive called a few data recovery companies and I am being asked to send my device down south somewhere for data recovery.

A. Yes we are. Located at 14B Elgin Terrace, Edinburgh, EH7 5NW, 0131 235 2486. All our work is conducted in-house from our Edinburgh lab.

Q. Can I have my device checked free of charge with a view to recovering data?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you operate a no data no fee policy?

A. Yes.

Q. Does no data no fee really mean no data no fee?

A. Yes. No data no fee, no catches and no small print.

Q. Do you accept data recovery cases by post?

A. Yes. Customers can pop in and see us during office hours or items for data recovery can be posted to us at the following address:

JT Data Recovery

14B Elgin Terrace




JT Data Recovery are contactable 24 hours a day 7 day a week, 0131 235 2486 just ask for John. We are one of the few independent Edinburgh Data Recovery Services offering a free evaluation of your device as well as fixed prices. Add to that our honesty and excellent service, why would you go anywhere else?

Call us 0131 235 2486. Customers can chat with us live on our website or leave us a message so we can get back to you.