Customer popped in with this Mac after visiting the Apple Store.  They thought that the hard drive was faulty.  As Apple don’t provide a data recovery service they suggested the customer to get in touch with us.  Luckily this drive was in the early stages of failure and was a fairly straight forward data recovery for us.

Apple hard drive data recovery

The usual HGST hard drive inside a Mac Book of this vintage, only about 500gb.  Not seen by the Mac book operating system.

HGSt hard drive recovery

This machine is a Deepsar Imager, the machine is designed to get data off drives which are in the process of failing before they fail permanently.  In this case it did its job perfectly.

DDI Imager of mac hard drive

As you can see we have a full image of the faulty hard drive, next we will strip and clean the Mac book and fit  500gb SSD drive to speed up the Mac, then copy over the customers recovered data.   Good as new and much faster than it was.