Hard Drive Data Recovery Edinburgh


Hard Drive Data Recovery Edinburgh

Hard Drive Data Recovery at JT Data Recovery PC and Mac.  We received this HGST Hard Drive this morning.  Another company had looked at the drive but either couldn’t get the user data or quoted to much for the Apple data recovery.  This is what we found.  When the drive which is from an Apple Mac book was running the Mac book would fail to boot.

First we connected the drive to the DDI hard drive recovery machine.  This is designed to get good data off a failing hard drive.  First we see if the drive is being detected on the DDI machine.  It is, listed as an Apple HGST drive.  This is good and confirms the drive is from an Apple Mac book.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Apple Mac Data Recovery

We then select the hard drive manufacturer brand.  This starts the Mac Data recovery.

Apple Mac Data recovery

Starting to build a head map of the Apple Hard Drive for Data Recovery.

Apple Data recovery

After this we start the image of the hard drive.  Ie copy it sector for sector.

MAcbook data recovery

In hard drive data recovery, green is good.  Yellow is not so good and red is really bad.  That’s all we need to know.  The top right hand corner tells us how many blocks have not been read.  At the bottom left we have 1 Master Boot Record, H2 is the head that’s been read at the moment.  LBA and the percentage lets us know roughly how far through the process we are.  Pass 1 is just the start.  If the drive is really bad the machine has a map of what data has been read and what hasn’t.  On the 2nd pass on wards the machine gets more aggressive in trying to get the data.

We shall wait the 2 hours the DDI machine is suggesting and see if we get a full recovery of the hard drive.

Success, 19% and 20 minutes to go.

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