Hard Drive Maxtor 3.5"

Customer connected this Maxtor Hard Drive Drive to the wrong power supply and only noticed when he could smell burning.  We see a lot of hard drives with this problem needing data recovery.  Its very easily done.  This was a very old drive and our initial concern was that the head assembly stack may have been damaged.  In this case the customer was very lucky.

Hard Drive Damaged Circuit Board

You may need to enlarge the image but you can clearly see the damaged component on the circuit board of the hard drive.

Hard Drive PCB Repair

This image may be a little clearer.

Maxtor DDI hard drive detection

After the circuit board was removed we managed to replace the damaged components from a donor drive.  As you can see from the image the hard drive is now switching on as previously it was powerless.

Hard Drive DDI Imaging

As the drive had been damaged its also best practice to take a copy of the drive as we did in this picture, as a damaged / repaired drive can be unpredictable.  The first rule of data recovery is not to cause any further damage.

Hard Drive Data copy Complete

At last the drive copy has completed and we can now start to check the customers data to make sure its all intact. After the customer has checked the data recovery we can then copy the user data to his own hard drive.