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Data Recovery Services Edinburgh – Seagate Data Recovery Services

JT Data Recovery Services Edinburgh.  The Customer attached the wrong power lead resulting in a burning smell coming from this drive and damaging the hard drive PCB. With the damage to the hard drive PCB no power was getting to the drive.  In this situation sometimes the incorrect power to the drive can affect the head assembly stack,  in this case the customer was very lucky this was not the case.  If the head assembly stack had been affected then this would have doubled the cost of the data recovery.

After Fixing the hard drive PCB we imaged a copy of the drive onto a new hard drive, called the customer and gave him the good news.  Using the hard drive schematics provided with PC 3000 we can access a PDF document for most hard drives including all the details of the PCB layout for any make and model of hard drive.

Data Recovery Services Edinburgh

Blown Seagate Hard Drive PCB Board

You can see clearly the damage to the board, I think the customer said the he connected a power adapter that was rated at 20 volts.  He is lucky to get away with this one.

Edinburgh Data Recovery

Seagate Hard Drive PCB Repair

buffalo hard drive hard drive copy

This is the final pass of the drive copy (imaging).  As you can see all is good.  The customer gets his data back without having to swap the hard drive heads over.  This saves time and money.

Seagate Data Recovery Edinburgh covers any model of Seagate Hard Drive or SSD Drive.  Our services can help you with the following data issues:

Dead hard drive – no power.

Hard drive not detected/not seen by the operating system or the computer

USB 3 and USB C hard drive connection problems.

Clicking and beeping hard drives.

Formatted and deleted hard drives.

Security encrypted hard drive issues.

We can recover data from dropped, damaged and faulty hard drives.

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