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Each recovery is dependent on multiple factors as generally no two cases are exactly the same. To make things easier we have four general bands that a drive recovery will fall into in terms of cost.

One thing’s for sure, having the drive in our hands and being able to run diagnostics is very helpful in being able to come up with a competitive quote for recovery so ideally we would like to see the drive.  We aim to be open and transparent about costs, feel free to call or pop in for a chat.

Hard drive and SSD time scale for recovery and cost.

Usually ranges from same day to three days, really depends on the problem and the availability of parts should they be required.

Typically, the cost of hard drive recovery will be:

  • No addition parts required.
  • Drive under 2tb in size.
  • £200 fixed price.
  • Unreadable weak or bad sectors.
  • Dead drives, power or PCB issues.
  • Drives above 2tb.
  • £360 fixed price.
  • Dropped, liquid spill, clicking.
  • Dead drive, no spin up or spins and stops
  • Requires donor parts, heads and pcb and bios work.
  • £480
  • For drives that have failed (i.e. no longer spin or are no longer working internally, clicking), will most likely need parts changed in a class 100 clean room environment.
  • RAID / NAS / Servers
  • £ Cost can be provided after the initial assessment of the drives.

Typically, the cost of SSD recovery will be:

Level 1 recovery fixed cost £200

Level 2 recovery fixed cost £300

Apple SSD recovery fixed cost of £350

SD Card, Micro Sd Card recovery will be:

Level 1 fixed cost £69

Level 2 fixed cost £250

USB Pen data data recovery will be:

Level 1 fixed cost £69

Level 2 fixed cost £250

Ipad data recovery and Iphone data recovery will be:

Level 1 fixed cost £100 – £150

Level 2 fixed cost £299

If you need any info or clarification the please call, were more than happy to discuss your problem and advise further, although there is no substitution for having the drive in our hands.

We will conduct a diagnostic on any drive free of charge, however should the drive have been previously opened then the chances of data recovery usually drop dramatically..

Please be aware of this before submitting your drive. Drives opened by non professionals are usually not recoverable. If you have a faulty drive then please disconnect from the power and leave it to the professionals.

If you have any queries then please call to discuss for clarification.

Call 0131 235 2486 24 hours to arrange your free drive collection and assessment.

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