CCTV Data Recovery Edinburgh

CCTV Data Recovery Edinburgh – Seagate

CCTV Data Recovery Edinburgh -Seagate

CCTV data recovery Edinburgh.  This Seagate Nas drive was recording CCTV footage for a security companies client.   The power to the office suddenly switched off.  When the power came back on in the office there must have been a power spike or something.

The Seagate hard drive looked ok but when the PCB was taken off you could see the burn marks on the back of the board.

After fixing the hard drive PCB, we managed to get power to the hard drive.  Unfortunatley this didn’t help us much.  We decided to connect the faulty PCB to PC3000 and read the hard drive Rom.  We would copy this to a replacement PCB.

This turned out to be the case.  We set to work on the Seagate hard drive CCTV data recovery process.  The copy process, we call it imaging took around 8 hours.    The drive speed and head speed all looked good.

The data was recovered 100%.  The customer arrived and checked all the data was good. 

JT Data Recovery in Edinburgh is a one of the few fully independent data recovery specialist companies in Edinburgh.  We can recover data that the average computer repair shop cant.  We invest thousands of pounds a year in specialist data recovery training, hardware and software.  This enables us to offer industry leading data recovery rates for any make and model of hard drive or SSD drive.

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Our free data evaluation from our Edinburgh office will give you a reason for the failure, the chances of data recovery being a success and a fixed cost for the service.  Remember we have strict no data no fee policy.

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