Toshiba Data Recovery Edinburgh- Portable Hard Drive Recovery Edinburgh

Toshiba Data Recovery Edinburgh

Data Recovery from a Toshiba External Hard Drive in our Edinburgh Based Office.  This is the offending drive.  The Customer reported yet again that the drive was getting very slow when in use.  The first indication of a problem was the customers laptop switched itself off and restarted.  She decided to disconnect the drive and start the laptop.  All was fine.  She then reconnected the hard drive only for it to switch off straight away.

We connected the Toshiba portable drive to our imaging machine to start the data recovery process.  We tried to get the drive to ID.  This took about 30 minutes.  Working through the various setting that we can use to maxmize the chances of a drive to ID.

Portable Hard Drive Recovery Edinburgh

After we got access to the drive you can see its going to take around 12 hours to copy on the first pass.   Only 92% of the drive to go.

Bit Locker Encryption

Bitlocker Hard Drive Recovery Edinburgh

Another complication in this case was the Toshiba drive had Bit-locker encryption on it, fortunately the customer new the password and in the next photo you will see the drive unlock and the file list. External drive recovery with a Bitlocker encrypted drive can sometimes be a problem.  If only a partial data recovery is possible then sometimes the portable hard drive wont unlock.

Entering bitlocker password


File list

External Drive Recovery Edinburgh

And here is a censored file list.

At JT Data Recovery we can help withe any Toshiba data recovery case.  Our policy is to evaluate the drive and give the customer a fixed price for our data recovery service, we are one of the few truly independent data recovery companies in the Edinburgh and Lothian’s.

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Maxtor Data Recovery Edinburgh

Another one for Monday morning, the dreaded I’ve formatted my drive. Looks like a drive fit for R studio. The customer called us needing data recovery for this Maxtor portable hard drive but she wasn’t based in Edinburgh.  She had managed to format the drive by accident.  Lucky for her a friend was on hand to be able to drop the Maxtor portable drive into us at the office.

Maxtor Data Recovery Edinburgh

Maxtor Hard Drive Recovery

The first thing to do with a formatted drive is to take a forensic copy of this Maxtor external Hard Drive.  We then work from the copy of the customers original drive.  Should anything go wrong during the data recovery process then we can still refer back to the original customers drive.  First rule of data recovery is cause no further damage.

Once we have a copy of the customers drive we then use a program called R Studio to search for any partition that has ever been on the drive.  If we find the partition then we can try to extract the user data from it.  If no partition is found then the only option is to use R Studio to scan the whole drive for Raw data.  On this data recovery job we found a partition and the customer only lost a small amount of data.  The file structure and folder names of the files has been maintained.  This is good as a Raw recovery may have weird and wonderful file names which makes it difficult for the customer to identify usable data.

At JT Data Recovery we are data recovery Specialists based in Edinburgh.  One of the few truly independent Data Recovery Companies where all the work is performed at our Edinburgh office.  We do not outsource any of our data recovery jobs.

Our customers security and piece of mind are priceless.

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Data Recovery Services Edinburgh

CCTV Data Recovery Edinburgh – Seagate

CCTV Data Recovery Edinburgh -Seagate

CCTV data recovery Edinburgh.  This Seagate Nas drive was recording CCTV footage for a security companies client.   The power to the office suddenly switched off.  When the power came back on in the office there must have been a power spike or something.

The Seagate hard drive looked ok but when the PCB was taken off you could see the burn marks on the back of the board.

After fixing the hard drive PCB, we managed to get power to the hard drive.  Unfortunatley this didn’t help us much.  We decided to connect the faulty PCB to PC3000 and read the hard drive Rom.  We would copy this to a replacement PCB.

This turned out to be the case.  We set to work on the Seagate hard drive CCTV data recovery process.  The copy process, we call it imaging took around 8 hours.    The drive speed and head speed all looked good.

The data was recovered 100%.  The customer arrived and checked all the data was good. 

JT Data Recovery in Edinburgh is a one of the few fully independent data recovery specialist companies in Edinburgh.  We can recover data that the average computer repair shop cant.  We invest thousands of pounds a year in specialist data recovery training, hardware and software.  This enables us to offer industry leading data recovery rates for any make and model of hard drive or SSD drive.

Edinburgh Data Recovery

Our free data evaluation from our Edinburgh office will give you a reason for the failure, the chances of data recovery being a success and a fixed cost for the service.  Remember we have strict no data no fee policy.

Specialist data recovery services covering the Edinburgh and Lothian’s.


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Seagate Portable Hard Drive Recovery – Seagate Data Recovery Specialist

Seagate Portable Hard Drive Recovery

The customer handed in this Seagate portable hard drive for data recovery. This was a rush job as the pictures on the drive needed to be sent for publication the next day.  To her credit she knew something was wrong and she call us first thing.  At JT Data Recovery Edinburgh we ran our Seagate hard drive evaluation.  We  found the external hard drive had weak heads.  On imaging the data we decided to take the risk as the customer needed the data tomorrow first thing if not later the same day.  If we had to source a donor drive for new heads this would take a few days.

hard drive data recovery edinburgh

Hard Drive Data Recovery Leith – Edinburgh

Anyway this was one of those jobs that feels great.  The customers world was about to be shattered and potentially lose a lot of money.  This drive was handed in at 10am in the morning.  The customer was able to collect the recovered data around 5:30pm the same day.  Now that’s what I call service.

At Jt Data recovery we take pride in offering an affordable data recovery service for any make and model of hard drive be it portable, external, Nas, Mac or PC.  We have invested heavily over the last few years in the latest technology to be able to offer industry leading success rates in data recovery.  As we are actually based in Edinburgh customer can have a hard drive problem evaluated while they wait, including our fixed price guarantee.  No data no fee.

If you have a Seagate data recovery issue then feel free to pop into our office or give us a call for free advice.  In the long run this could save time and money.

Our FAQ’s about data recovery services in Edinburgh.

Our Data Recovery Services.

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SSD Data Recovery Edinburgh – SSD Data Recovery Specialist

SSD Data Recovery Edinburgh


SSD Data Recovery Edinburgh. 

This customer had reported his laptop had been running slow.  This shouldn’t be the case as it has a super fast SSD drive inside.   After a few days the laptop could not boot up.  Checking the Bios we found the the drive wasn’t even detected.   After taking the laptop  apart we ran the evaluation tests on the faulty SSD drive. 

As you can see after changing some settings in the DDI machine we managed to get access to the SSD Drive.  We then started to try and copy the contents of the SSD drive. This was a very slow process which took about 3 days to complete.  The good news is it was a full recovery and the customer was delighted with the results.

SSD Data Recovery Specialist

SSD Drives the positive and the negative.

On this positive news we quickly ordered up a replacement Samsung SSD drive for the customer.  This SSD will be fitted and a clean install of Windows 10 installed before I copy over all the data recovered.

Just a few positive notes on SSD drives:

No moving parts inside.

Extends the battery life of your laptop or Macbook

Really can speed up and old laptop, PC or Macbook.

They can usually take an impact or two.


Just a few negative notes on SSD Drive:

They can be very difficult to recover, needing specialist tools like PC 3000 with SSD add on.

Most of the failures are down to the on board controller.

If an SSD fails, you might not get any warning.

SSD drives by their nature do a have an inbuild life span.

At JT Data Recovery we have the tools to help with any SSD related Data Recovery Job.  Our Edinburgh based Lab is one of the few strictly indepenedent data recovery companies in the Edinburgh and Lothain’s area.

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External Hard Drive Recovery Edinburgh

External Hard Drive Recovery - Western Digital

This external hard drive is in for data recovery, this was posted into us as the customer doesn’t stay in Edinburgh.  I wont forget this Western Digital Drive in a hurry, lets put it that way.

The customer said the drive would not respond whenever he accessed certain files.  Very strange.  The drive would work perfectly well for hours on end.  We tried to open a certain files.  It was as the customer said.  This external drive is a USB 3 connection and is encrypted we connected  it to our imager.  The next step is to see if the data recovery machine can build a head map from from the hard drive.  This was successful. 

Next we tried to get the drive to ID on the imager.  Changing settings within the DDI eventually got the drive to ID.  We started the copy process, this was very slow.  This took about 2 days to image pass 1,2,3 and 4.

The drive is ready to post back to the customer.

Western Digital Portable Drive Recovery Edinburgh

At JT Data Recovery our External Hard Drive Recovery Service covers any make and model of external hard drive.  Western Digital Passport/Passbook, Seagate Expansion/Free Agent.  Whatever the make and model we can help with firm advice and good practice to maximize the chances of getting your precious data back.

Our free data recovery evaluation is available from our Edinburgh office, in person or send us your device in the post.  We can recover your data and send it back to you.

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WD My Passport Data Recovery


WD My Passport Data Recovery

Our Edinburgh office received this WD Passport in for data recovery.  Little did we know how much time and effort this drive was going to take.  We knew from the customer that the drive had been dropped.  We had already advised her the that the chances of data recovery would be slim.  The donor drive was in stock so a little time was saved here.  After changing the heads we would normally get a full data recovery done in an afternoon.

data recovery edinburgh

Hard Drive Recovery Service Edinburgh

As you can see this is going to take along time.  The drive did Id and allow access every time its connected.  However the data imaging process is very very slow.  One of the longest data recovery jobs I’ve ever seen.  Data recovery too 7 weeks.

At JT Data Recovery we have the time and dedication to get your data back.  Unlike the big national data recovery companies we will spend time on the more difficult cases if the data required is critical.

We can handle any Western Digital hard drive data recovery case.  From faulty USB3 and USB C cable connection problems to faulty encrypted Smart Ware external drives, we can help.

Smart ware encryption is active in some WD external hard drives.  We can recover your data and bypass the encryption during the drive recovery process with PC 3000.  PC 3000 is the industry leading data recovery hardware and software solution.  Any specialist data recovery company will have at least one of these machines.

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Our Data Recovery Services.

Samsung Data Recovery Edinburgh


Samsung Data Recovery Edinburgh

A customer dropped this drive off at our Edinburgh office, a Samsung hard drive for data recovery.  He assured me this hadn’t been dropped and I believed him.  We started to work on the drive.  The drive had no power no nothing.  It was totally dead.  This model of Samsung Hard Drive does suffer from a common problem call stiction.  This is when the head gets stuck on the hard drive platter.  The most common way to tell this, is the drive would power on and try to start and then beep a few time and switch off.  I think this is whats happen in this case.


samsung hard drive recovery edinburgh

Data Recovery Edinburgh

As you can see, we have a destination drive but the customers drive should be the source, nothing has appeared.  Investigation required.

More testing of the Samsung Hard Drive before coming to a the fact the heads will need to be swapped over before data recovery can begin.

edinburgh data recovery

Inside the hard drive we found the heads had stuck as we thought.  We did have a donor drive in stock.  We then stripped the donor drive and changed the heads over.  After eventually getting the drive to ID we imaged it on the DDI.  The picture above is the customers drive with the stuck heads and the recovered files list on the right.

The Samsung / Seagate ST series of hard drive do have a reputation for this kind of drive issue.  Best avoided if you can.

Anyway at JT Data Recovery in Edinburgh we have seen many similar cases of stiction with Samsung Drives needing Data Recovery, our Edinburgh lab is fully equipped to deal with them.

If you have a similar issue, Samsung Data Recovery or any other hard drive model please get in contact for the best advice to keep your data safe.

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