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Data Recovery Services Edinburgh

Data Recovery Services Edinburgh – Seagate Data Recovery Services JT Data Recovery Services Edinburgh.  The Customer attached the wrong power lead resulting in a burning smell coming from this drive and damaging the hard drive PCB. With the damage to the hard drive PCB no power was getting to the drive.  In this situation sometimes […]

Maxtor Data Recovery Edinburgh

Maxtor Data Recovery Edinburgh Another one for Monday morning, the dreaded I’ve formatted my drive. Looks like a drive fit for R studio. The customer called us needing data recovery for this Maxtor portable hard drive but she wasn’t based in Edinburgh.  She had managed to format the drive by accident.  Lucky for her a […]

CCTV Data Recovery Edinburgh

CCTV Data Recovery Edinburgh – Seagate CCTV data recovery Edinburgh.  This Seagate Nas drive was recording CCTV footage for a security companies client.   The power to the office suddenly switched off.  When the power came back on in the office there must have been a power spike or something. The Seagate hard drive looked […]

Seagate Portable Hard Drive Recovery

Seagate Portable Hard Drive Recovery – Seagate Data Recovery Specialist The customer handed in this Seagate portable hard drive for data recovery. This was a rush job as the pictures on the drive needed to be sent for publication the next day.  To her credit she knew something was wrong and she call us first […]

SSD Data Recovery Edinburgh

SSD Data Recovery Edinburgh – SSD Data Recovery Specialist   SSD Data Recovery Edinburgh.  This customer had reported his laptop had been running slow.  This shouldn’t be the case as it has a super fast SSD drive inside.   After a few days the laptop could not boot up.  Checking the Bios we found the the […]

External Hard Drive Recovery Edinburgh

External Hard Drive Recovery Edinburgh This external hard drive is in for data recovery, this was posted into us as the customer doesn’t stay in Edinburgh.  I wont forget this Western Digital Drive in a hurry, lets put it that way. The customer said the drive would not respond whenever he accessed certain files.  Very […]

WD My Passport Data Recovery

WD My Passport Data Recovery   Our Edinburgh office received this WD Passport in for data recovery.  Little did we know how much time and effort this drive was going to take.  We knew from the customer that the drive had been dropped.  We had already advised her the that the chances of data recovery […]

Samsung Data Recovery Edinburgh

Samsung Data Recovery Edinburgh   A customer dropped this drive off at our Edinburgh office, a Samsung hard drive for data recovery.  He assured me this hadn’t been dropped and I believed him.  We started to work on the drive.  The drive had no power no nothing.  It was totally dead.  This model of Samsung […]