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ADATA SSD Data Recovery

ADATA SSD Data Recovery in Edinburgh A failed ADATA SSD for data recovery at JT Data Recovery.  This was originally the SSD drive inside an Asus laptop being used for business use.  The customer reported no problems what so ever.  So he was very surprised when one day the SSD drive just wasn’t seen by […]

Seagate ST9250315AS Data Recovery

Seagate ST9250315AS Data Recovery Seagate ST9250315AS Data Recovery.  Our Seagate Data Recovery Services in Edinburgh at JT Data Recovery.  This drive was dropped in by a customer who had been trying to get her data backed up over a few days.  The Seagate hard drive would be detected by the computer but any attempt to […]

Hard Drive Data Recovery Edinburgh

Hard Drive Data Recovery Edinburgh Hard Drive Data Recovery at JT Data Recovery PC and Mac.  We received this HGST Hard Drive this morning.  Another company had looked at the drive but either couldn’t get the user data or quoted to much for the Apple data recovery.  This is what we found.  When the drive […]

USB Stick Data Recovery

USB Stick Data Recovery Edinburgh Our Specialist USB stick/pen data recovery service in Edinburgh is designed to offer professional data recovery at reasonable cost.  At JT Data Recovery we are USB stick data recovery specialists base in Leith, Edinburgh.  We aim to get your data back for you asap.  We have invested heavily in the […]

USB Data Recovery Edinburgh

USB Data Recovery Edinburgh USB Data Recovery Edinburgh, Nand Data Recovery, SSD Data Recovery.  At JT Data Recovery we are specialist in Data Recovery in Edinburgh.  Data Recovery from the following media. Internal and external hard drive Data Recovery. USB Portable Hard Drive Data Recovery. SSD Data Recovery,  M2 SSD’s and Apple Mac SSD Data […]

Data Recovery Edinburgh -Seagate Barracuda ST1000LM048

Data Recovery Edinburgh Data Recovery Service Hard Drive Recovery Edinburgh. This hard drive was removed from an HP laptop.  This was a time critical data recovery case. The laptop would take about 5 to 10 minutes to load to the desktop.  The business customer knew something was wrong.  On further investigation by a technician we […]

WD Data Recovery Edinburgh WD20NMVW

Western Digital Data Recovery Edinburgh – WD Data Recovery Edinburgh – WD hard drive recovery Edinburgh This is a slow responding Western Digital WD20NMVW portable  2.5″ USB 3 Hard Drive dropped in by a customer for Data Recovery.  The drive powers on but has the usual hard drive activity light flashing slowly.  This is common […]

WD Passport Data Recovery Edinburgh

 WD Passport Data Recovery – WD My Book & My Cloud Data Recovery in Edinburgh This is a WD Passport portable hard drive in for data recovery.   The customer was complaining that the drive when powered on just did nothing.  The drive would spin up as expected but the hard drive access light would […]

Western Digital Data Recovery a WD 2tb WD20EACS

Western Digital Data Recovery Western Digital Data Recovery from a dropped 3.5″ hard drive, we expected to have to change some internal components.  We tried the drive first on the Deepspar Imager and didn’t expect to get any valuable data without spending money on some Western Digital donor parts to repair.  Oh how wrong we […]