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Seagate Data Recovery Specialist ST500DM03

Seagate Data Recovery Specialist Seagate Data Recovery in Edinburgh. This drive was handed in by an employee of a University after their IT department couldn’t get any data from the drive.  The drive hadn’t had an impact.   It showed no signs that failure was just around the corner.  At JT we are a Seagate […]

Macbook Data Recovery Edinburgh

Macbook Data Recovery Edinburgh Customer popped in with this Apple Macbook for data recovery after visiting the Edinburgh Apple Store requiring data recovery.  They thought that the hard drive was faulty.  As Apple Edinburgh  don’t offer a data recovery service the customer got in touch with us.  Luckily this drive was in the early stages […]

Hard Drive Data Recovery Leith

Hard Drive Data Recovery Leith Hard Drive Data Recovery Leith.  A customer connected this Maxtor Hard Drive to the wrong power supply and only noticed when he could smell burning.  We see a lot of hard drives with this problem needing data recovery.  Its very easily done.  This was a very old drive and our […]

Pro Data Recovery Edinburgh JT Data Recovery

Pro Data Recovery Edinburgh – JT Data Recovery Pro Data Recovery Edinburgh.  This is a drive dropped in yesterday for evaluation.  Apparently the customers father thought he could help so decided to open the drive and try to fix it.  As you can see the dust and finger prints have wrecked any chance of getting […]

Toshiba Data Recovery Edinburgh

Toshiba Data Recovery Edinburgh- Portable Hard Drive Recovery Edinburgh Data Recovery from a Toshiba External Hard Drive in our Edinburgh Based Office.  This is the offending drive.  The Customer reported yet again that the drive was getting very slow when in use.  The first indication of a problem was the customers laptop switched itself off […]