It is tempting to give yourself some confidence and tackle a computer problem on your own. A little DIY never hurt anybody, right? Unfortunately, when it comes to something as vital to your computer as the SSD or hard drive, you are effectively playing with your data and you risk losing it forever if you do anything wrong.

At JT Data Recovery we recommend calling our expert technicians right away to help increase the chances of saving your hard drive and its data. We have become a leading provider of hard drive data recovery services in Edinburgh for both individuals and businesses across the area. We are able to provide support to both external and internal hard drive problems with the hope of recovering all your data.

Who to call for internal or external hard drive data recovery in Edinburgh?

Our expert technicians at JT Data Recovery have been fixing, repairing and recovering computers and laptops for over 15 years. In this time, we have seen it all and are the ideal team to call when you fear you have an internal or external hard drive problem.

Some of the common symptoms for both are: hard drive beeping and then stopping, no power activity at all, a rhythmic clicking of heads and more.

If you are noticing any of these, simply close down your computer and call our team at JT Data Recovery on 0131 235 2486.