One of the main things people tell you once you have bought a laptop or computer is to invest in an external hard drive. To keep your files, photos and important documents safe and with you while you are on the move, you will try and find the best of the best.

A leading provider of data recovery options for computer and Mac owners is the popular My Passport. These are huge external hard drives that are able to offer you everything you need to keep your things safe.

Our team at JT Data Recovery are sometimes needed to provide My Passport data recovery, which covers both individuals and businesses. We have a team of experts who have a vast range of experience working with all types of external hard drives.

Why choose us for My Passport data recovery?

To ensure that we can provide a range of services for any type of problem, we work closely with the developments of My Passport. Whether you have a 1TB or 4TB external hard drive from My Passport, we can help to recover your data safely and securely

We make sure that everything we perform is suited to the specific issue. We have worked with failing external hard drives from My Passport as well as corrupted files. We are yet to face a problem we couldn’t fix.

To book our team for your My Passport data recovery, get in contact with us.