Mac SSD Data Recovery in Edinburgh

At JT Data Recovery based in Edinburgh, we are Mac data recovery specialists. We can help recover data from your Apple Mac Hard Drive or SSD. We use the industry leading Hard Drive and SSD data recovery software and hardware to recover deleted files and lost partitions from any Imac, Mac Air, Macbook Pro or Mac Retina.

Hard Drive and SSD Data Recovery Services

From our lab based in Leith, JT Data Recovery offer a full range of hard drive data recovery and SSD data recovery services for any variant of Imac or Mac. We can help with the following problems:

  • Formatted or deleted file recovery
  • from a faulty or damage partition
  • External Mac book hard drive data recovery
  • External drive recovery eg, G-Drive data recovery and repair
  • Internal SSD drive recovery from onboard SSD drives found in 2018 and onwards Macs
  • SSD drive power or controller failure
  • Corrupted firmware
  • Hard drive read head damage repair and replacement
  • Dropped or damaged SSD’s and hard drives


  • Mac SSD Data Recovery Edinburgh

Industry Leading Data Recovery Success rates

At JT Data Recovery we are constantly investing and updating our hardware and software to maximize data recovery success rates and minimize data loss for our customers. Our software and hardware is updated at least four times a year, this keeps us up to date as new models of SSD drives and hard drives are launched.

Our clean room allows us to open and inspect hard drives and SSDs in a clean and safe environment. SSD data recovery can be a time consuming process in comparison to hard drive data recovery. In terms of SSD corruption if the SSD drive is OK and powering on then files can be recovered using various options but usually software will recover user data. If the SSD has no power then this is usually a corrupted firmware or controller.

Mac SSD Data Recovery

Questions To Ask Your Data Recovery Professional

Q. Is my data recoverable?

A. No one can answer this question until they have performed a check on the hard drive or SSD drive.

Q. How long will SSD data recovery take?

A. Yet again until the evaluation have taken place no one can answer this.

Q. How much will my SSD data recovery / Repair cost?

A. Your right, until the evaluation process has taken place no one can answer this.

Q. Can I recover files from an SSD?

A. Yes you can, adapters and converters are available online, free partition recovery software and lost file recovery software is available as well. This assumes the SSD doesn’t need a repair and is physically sound.

Q. Does Apple do data recovery?

A. Afraid not, that’s why companies like us exist. We do see lot of customers coming in to see us after being to the Apple Store in Princess Street.

Q. How do I recover data from a dead Mac?

A. We can help get your lost files, and recover deleted data as well as get user data off a dead or liquid damaged Mac. Data Recovery from Mac hard drives is usually straight forward however data recovery from SSD’s take a little more time and sometimes a creative solution may be needed.

Our services cover data recovery for any make and model of Mac, hard drive or solid state drives(SSD). If we have exhausted all options for SSD data recovery then we can also offer a Chip Off Data Recovery(Flash Data Recovery). This involves removing the data chips from an SSD drive and reading these in a special reading tool.

Free evaluation and no data no fee promise

At JT Data Recovery we offer a free evaluation for any Mac data recovery case be it and internal hard drive, external drive or SSD drive. After the free evaluation process has been completed the customer will be provided with a free no obligation fixed cost for their specific Mac data recovery case. The customer then chooses to go ahead with SSD data recovery or not. Our services promise a no data no fee(nothing to pay if we cant recover your Mac data.

Data Recovery Services by Post

We are always available for free advice over the phone, 0131 235 2486 24/7. Customers can pop into our lab just off Easter Road, Edinburgh in person or we can also accept SSD data recovery cases by post or courier. Our postal address is below.  Please call us first and ask for John.

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