There are a many reasons why My Book is mentioned at the forefront of the data storage industry. It’s a cost effective medium  for storing data safely.  Documents,  music and everything in between. So much so, My Book is trusted throughout the world by individuals and businesses.

That doesn’t  mean failure is impossible.  Customers not using the drive properly.  Not ejecting the drive correctly can cause file corruption.  Not being careful when connecting the drive to a computer can damage the USB 2 or 3 connection on the drive as well.  At JT Data Recovery we have become a leading provider of My Book data recoveries in Edinburgh.

From our data recovery lab in the city, we are able to diagnose the issues and apply a solution that gives you the best chance of recovering your data.

Why is it vital to choose an advanced data recovery provider?

It can be tempting to give your My Book drive to someone that suggests they can fix it. This can be a false economy, this will more likely make our recovery attempt more complicated and more expensive.  Advanced data recovery is about having the correct tools and knowledge to recovery data in a very small time window.

Our business model is to provide you with the best possible My Book data recovery service which is trusted to find a solution in many cases.

We have years of experience working with both My Book and a swathe of other hard drives, internal external and portable drives.

To have your My Book external drive fixed and have your data recovered swiftly, choose JT Data Recovery.

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