Hard Drive Data Recovery Edinburgh

At JT Data Recovery we understand how important your hard drive data recovery is, we also understand the implications of a sudden hard drive failure. This sometimes can be expected if you have recently dropped an external hard drive or have been trying file recovery software to try and get your data back.

hard drive data recovery edinburgh

Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

Located in Edinburgh, JT Data Recovery is one of the few truly independent data recovery service providers, working from our lab in Leith, Edinburgh. Just off Easter Road. We offer a free evaluation for any hard drive repair or hard disk recovery covering the Edinburgh and Lothian’s Area. Our customers, both individual and business users trust our guided step by step recovery process.

We have and continue to invest heavily in the latest technology to increase our rates of recovered hard drives and SSD’s. Recently we have started our new phone data recovery service.

Edinburgh data recovery

Edinburgh Data Recovery

If you have any of the following problems with a hard drive or SSD (Solid State Drive) then please do seek free professional and friendly advice. We are always available by phone to quote a customer for your specific data recovery case, be it for a Laptop, Apple Mac drive, Nas or Raid drives.

  • External disk spinning up and beeping.
  • Internal drive spinning up and beeping.
  • External drive not detected by the computer or laptop its connected to.
  • Blue screen of death on booting your Windows based computer or laptop.
  • White blank screen on booting you Apple Macbook, or a flashing folder icon.
  • Western Digital portable drive which isn’t responding and the access light flashes on and off.
  • Clicking drive, may have been dropped or involved in some kind of impact.
  • Laptop or Macbook after a liquid spill needing data recovery.
  • Accidently formatted your Mac internal or external drive or solid state drive.
  • Deleted files, partitions or formatted an entire drive.
  • Internal drive with broken connectors.
  • External drive with a broken USB 2 or USB 3 connection.
  • External Apple Mac portable drive with a broken USB C connector.
  • Fire damaged internal and portable drives.
  • Drive identified but not detected as the correct size.
  • Blown drive, been connected to the wrong power supply.
  • PCB damaged or controller damage.

Data Recovery Services Leith

Our Free Evaluation for hard drives can offer the customer essential information as to why their hard drive or SSD has failed. This will detail the nature of the failure and the steps required to recover the customers data. This is a no obligation service although we do ask customers to be considerate of our time. Sometimes in the evaluation stages we have to use donor parts to be able to confirm if a disk or SSD is recoverable. This costs time and money.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

Edinburgh Data recovery – The Costs

Hard Drive data recovery costs will fall into 3 fixed price levels:

Level 1 £200 – Fairly straight forward recovery, drives 1tb and under

Level 2 £360 – firmware issues, bad sectors and drives over 1tb

Level 3 £480 – Head assembly replacement, platter swaps etc

All costs are fixed, if our fixed cost wont apply to your case then you will be advised at the time

SSD Drive data recovery costs will fall into 2 fixed price levels:

Level 1 £200 – Straight forward SSD data recovery with bad sectors or slow responding

Level 2 £350 – Controller failure, Nand data recovery, chip off data recovery

All costs are fixed, if our fixed cost wont apply to your case then you will be advised at the time


Q – Can my data be recovered?

A – Usually yes, recovery rates are usually around the 90% – 95%, this reduces dramatically if the customer or a computer repair shop runs data recovery software on the faulty device. If the failed device has hardware issues this will never be fixed using freely available software.

Q – How long will my data recovery take?

A – No one can answer this question until the media has been assessed. If someone tells you it will be a same day service then treat with caution.

Q – Is my data safe and secure?

A – Yes, you media will not be connected to a networked computer, or used or transferred anywhere apart from on to a new media after the process has been completed.

Q – Is my recovery outsourced?

A – No, all our work is perfomed in-house at our lab in Edinburgh.

Q – Are JT actually based in Edinburgh?

A – Yes, pop in and see us for a chat.

Q -Will you sign a non disclosure agreement?

A – Yes.

Q -Can I check the recovered files before I pay?

A – Customers will be invited to check their files before payment is made.

Q – How much will my data cost?

A – One of the most asked questions. No one can answer this until the evaluation process has been completed.

Data Recovery By Post

If you cant make it in to see us at our Edinburgh lab then we operate a postal service. Call us first for free friendly advice. It could save you time and money in the long run. Hard Drives or SSD drives can be posted to the following address.

JT Data Recovery ( FAO John Turnbull)

14B Elgin Terrace



We recommend the media is packed in a well padded envelope along with your full contact details and return address. On receipt of your media you will usually receive a text confirming its arrival.  After the free evaluation you will be contacted with your free no obligation fixed price for your particular data case.

Contact us today and recover data now. Phone 0131 235 2486 and ask for John.