Plugging in your USB hard drive into another computer and getting on with your work as normal. The beauty of the portable and external hard drive is the flexibility and agility you can achieve from them.

There are many positives to using USB hard drives, but that doesn’t mean they are completely bereft of problems.

At JT Data Recovery we get a number of people coming to our data recovery lab in Edinburgh with their USB hard drive in their hands. We then provide them with an instant diagnosis which will help to establish the issue and understand the causes behind it.

Our USB hard drive data recovery services are ideal for all types of problems, such as:

  • External damage to the casing
  • Not reading on your computer or having difficulty opening documents
  • Connectivity issues between your USB cable
  • Corrupted files on your external hard drive
  • User encryption
  • Drives that have been formatted or drives which are requesting to be formatted.
  • Dismounting and mounting problems

By choosing JT Data Recovery you will be putting your faith in a team of experts tasked with offering USB hard drive data recovery for a range of specific issues.

We will always provide a better service than someone at work who suggests they know what they’re doing or by yourself following a YouTube tutorial.

To discover more about our repair and recovery services, get in contact with us today.