ADATA SSD Data Recovery

ADATA SSD Data Recovery in Edinburgh

A failed ADATA SSD for data recovery at JT Data Recovery.  This was originally the SSD drive inside an Asus laptop being used for business use.  The customer reported no problems what so ever.  So he was very surprised when one day the SSD drive just wasn’t seen by the laptop anymore.

As you can see in the following pictures, we took out the Solid State Drive and removed the casing for a further look.  SSD Data Recovery is drastically different from Hard Drive Data recovery.  The SSD drive wound not ID on our Deepspar or PC 3000 SSD machine.  The most likely reason is either controller failure or a corrupt firmware.

SSD Data Recovery Edinburgh

When an SSD Drive fails most of the time the customer will not get any warning.  They tend to fall off a cliff, so to speak.  If a PC or laptop is started a few times with a faulty SSD drive then the recovery rates can drop from around 90% to around 30%.

As was the case with this ADATA SSD drive.  We tried every option possible to recover the customers data by to no avail.

SSD Data Recovery Edinburgh

Specialist Hard Drive and SSD Data Recovery in Edinburgh

At JT Data Recovery, we have access to all the hardware possible.  We are Data Recovery Specialists.  But in this case that wasn’t enough.  Who knows what tests had been run on the Solid State Drive before we saw it.  Fortunately a failed recovery doesn’t happen that often but it is something to be prepared for when assessing SSD drives for data recovery.

If you have a data recovery need then seek professional advice first.

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