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JT Data Recovery is based in Edinburgh, 14B Elgin Terrace, EH7 5PF, 0131 235 2486.  My name is John Turnbull, hence the name of JT Data Recovery, I thought it adds a bit of honesty and integrity.  I got into the data recovery scene about 3 years ago.  Since then we have invested in the latest technology from Canada and Prague to enable us to achieve industry leading data recovery rates from any make and model of Hard Drive, SSD, from Apple Macs, Laptops, Desktop, PC’s or SD, XD, SQX Cards.

Around 5 years ago I was running my computer repair business and was unfortunate enough to have a hard drive fail on me and this is where the story of JT Data Recovery Begins.  I contacted a recommended data recovery company and was originally quoted 2 days and £200 for the data to be recovered so I arranged for the drive to be collected from my shop.

Over the next 3 or 4 days I was not getting updates on the progress and I was the one that felt a pest phoning asking whats going on.  Eventually I was told the drive was badly damaged and that I would need to pay £110 fee upfront and non refundable for donor parts to even see if my drive was recoverable. Under pressure I paid the £110, a couple of days later I got a call its good news your data is recovered and safe, that was the only good news.

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The the final cost came to £710 and this was around 5 years ago, £480 for the data recovery, £110 for the donor parts and a hard drive provided by the data recovery company came in at £120 for a 1 tb hard drive for the recovered data to be put on.  This was on an original quote of £200 and 2 days.

I felt I was being blackmailed, pay the money or say goodbye to my data, so eventually I paid the money and got my data.  A few weeks later I started looking into data recovery and decided to purchased my first hardware data recovery machine its called a DDI 4, made by a company in Canada called Deepspar if anyone would like to Google it and find out exactly what the machine can do.  This machine can allow access to damaged hard drives and ssd drives, its designed to get data off damaged drives before the drive fails permanently and help prevent the need for obtaining donor parts.

We did very well with the DDI 4 machine, the money made with the DDI 4 allowed us to order our first PC300 data recovery machine, arguably this is the industry leading data recovery hardware/software solution over the last 25 years.  Google Acelabs PC 3000 if you are interested.

To date we are in the process of building a strong reputation based on honesty and integrity which is greatly needed in the cut throat data recovery industry.  We charge for data recovery based on the work involved and not on how precious we think your data is.

We have a few core principles that we like to stick to:

  • No Data No Fee means no data no fee
  • We will not charge an up front fee to be able to see if data can be recovered
  • Once you have received the fixed price cost for data recovery that is what you will pay and only if the data is recovered
  • No once can give a data recovery quote over the phone, that would be guessing.  We like to have the drive in our hands and run some tests
  • We are contactable by phone 24/7
  • You will always be called back at the stated time and received prompt attention by email, text and phone
  • Free hard drive collection service in the Edinburgh area ( Call John to arrange a collection)
  • Drives can be posted to us from any location (You will receive a notification text when we have received your package)
  • Same day free hard drive data recovery assessment with a fixed cost for data recovery
  • Our Data Recovery Services are provided only at our Office, we do not out-source any of our work to third parties.

Should you have any questions or queries you are more than welcome to pop into our office for a coffee and a chat, we like to be as open and transparent about Specialist Data Recovery as possible, we are always at the end of the phone 24/7 as well.

Our free hard drive and data recovery pick up service operates every weekday in the Edinburgh area, just call John 0131 235 2486 to arrange your collection and free assessment.  Customers can also chat with us or leave us a message using our Live chat app directly from our website.

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You can either call us on 0131 235 2486 24 hour service, we’ll call back at a time that suits you.

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